Disclaimer: If you're easily offended, or don't fully understand my perspectives on these things, please skip this one. 

I have an idea I'm trying to work out. It goes something like this: culturally in the West, white represents purity and goodness while black represents deceit and evil. I've struggled for a long time with identifying as White because I don't like the way it feels - it doesn't feel true because I know my own heart, while a lot of people I know who identify as Black are far better people than I am. I believe it's time to get rid of these labels and get real about what we are - human. 

I also tackle an idea about the divisive representation of the rainbow. I do realize this is a delicate subject so I try to handle it carefully. But I'll let you decide. 

After I listened to this, I realized that I didn't make my argument very well, so if you get to the end and you're scratching your head, or you think I'm some sort of monster, please listen to the follow up podcast titled about what I think I got wrong. I do a much better job of wrapping these two ideas together. 

I'll admit I thought about pulling this podcast, but I stand by everything I said. For the moment, this is how I see things, and what I'm struggling to resolve in my own mind. Granted, I didn't make the argument as well as I could have, but I think it's worth keeping on line for now because it's thought provoking if nothing else. 

All my best. 


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