How well do you know your father? Do you know him at all? 

Fortunately, I know my father pretty well. Unfortunately, my children don't know me very well. 

I started this podcast with the simple idea of recording some of the things I wish I could have told my kids when they were growing up. Some of them I've already told them, some of them I haven't. I also miss having Airmen to mentor when I was still in the Air Force. So this is part of my solution. This is the first in the new series of Boring Dad Lectures where I'll talk about life, money, careers, sex, politics, religion, and a host of other things. I'm not out to convert anyone or sell anything to anyone. Rather, I'm trying to be a source of mentorship and balanced perspective for people who are just starting out in life, or who've seen some things but are still trying to figure things out. 

If you've been listening to the podcast for a while, you'll still like this episode. I finally reached the end of the original Boring Dad Lecture list and decided it is time to start re-recording a lot of them. The most recent episodes will stand as they are, but most of them need to be redone. When I started, I really didn't understand what direction I was taking, I didn't understand my equipment, and I didn't have a solid vision of the direction I wanted to go. Now that I've been doing it for a while, I have a much better idea, so it's time to give the whole series a good, more professional polish. 

I'll still be carrying on with my Off The Deep End series. Those are mostly self-indulgent. I'm also going to keep all the old episodes available on Podbean, or wherever you're finding them now. Eventually they'll come down but, for the foreseeable future, they'll stand as they are.

If you like the work I'm doing, please consider a small donation through my Patreon page. There is a link available through my website at 

Last, once this is done, I'll start recording season 2 of the Boring Dad Lectures, which are subtitled An Atheist Teaches the Bible. There are so many lessons and philosophies in there that are so often maligned or misrepresented and it's really frustrating to me. So, since I'm not shy about tackling really tough subjects, I'm going to break out some of my old Bible study notes, some of my old lessons, and revamp them with a broader perspective of the world. It's going to be very, very worth your time. 

Love you much. 


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